BridalHub’s aim is to be one of South Africa’s largest online lifestyle magazines, targeted towards couples planning the most important day in their life – the joining together of two loving people committed to living the rest of their lives together.

Creating a platform that is not only interactive toward both our brides but our advertisers as well. Producing quality content for our readers and a platform for our advertisers to gain a leading edge over their competitors.

With any marketing strategy, it is important to have a presence on the Internet in a variety of locations…your competitors certainly do!

Internet advertising is a great way for you to inexpensively reach your target market.  Through online advertising you are able to communicate more information about your business than you would in a printed magazine.  Certainly the greatest benefit is that not only is it affordable but your business will then be available 24/7 for brides and grooms to find.

Brides to be now source the majority of their information, products and services online.   With direct click-through links on all of BridalHub’s advertised offerings, traffic is driven to your doorstep!

Assessing your business needs will have a profound effect on the success of any marketing strategy that you have planned for 2016. Looking specifically at what you would like to achieve from each marketing option will be key when making your decision.

Brand awareness is important for any business and so is the education of the general public, more so with the overwhelming amount of information on the internet.  This is the very reason that your business should be compelled to educate through reputable channels.

When developing strong brand awareness, it is important to be consistent in your messages and your brand identity.  BridalHub strongly advise that you work closely with us to develop an advertising campaign in line with your marketing strategy to ensure that your business gets the best exposure for your budget.

Our Popularity

Website statistics fluctuate on a monthly basis.  For up to date statistics, please do not hesitate to contact us.


At BridalHub our majority of readers are couples seeking information and services to plan their wedding between the ages of 18 – 45 years.  The majority of our readers are females between the ages of 18 – 45 with a small percentage of male readers in the same age group.

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