5 Things you should know about your Wedding planner

Being part of this incredible industry for a good 7 years now, I have learned a few valuable lessons through trying to create a relaxed, comfortable yet safe environment for my customers where they can share and communicate their wedding dreams.
I’ve met unforgettable couples, some even became close friends but there also were the one or two couples with whom I did not get along with, and it is exactly in those instances where I’ve learned my most valuable lessons and tools, let’s call it self discovery and skills development.
A few things you must remember about most of the people you will meet during your wedding journey;
  • We really DO HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST at heart.  
  • We love what we do, and really want to see you smile and have the best day of your life
  • We have preferred suppliers we love to work with
  • This is not just a job for me, it is my passion
  • We leave our families for long hours at a time to spend it with you. 
I  suppose everyone cannot always get along, and that’s the beauty of life and different personalities.  Without our clients what do we have, no much, in other words be assured your wedding is very important to us,  I promise to always try my utmost best to give you the wedding you deserve and dreamed about.
I cannot wait to meet lots more exciting couples and walk this great path with them, a path filled with discovery, fun, emotions, laughter, tears at times but most off all LOVE.
Happy planning

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