Review: Beaucience Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products

Review: Beaucience Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products

When is the right time to start using anti-ageing skin care products?  Whilst there probably is a scientific answer to this question, as with anything else, there’s actually no time like the present.

Beaucience is a company created to supply unique and exceptional ranges of anti-ageing skin care products for the entire body.  We were asked to check out their mens facial wash and facial scrub and their ladies toning lotion, cleansing gel and moisturising day cream.

All these innovative and exciting products contain a breakthrough botanical called Proteasyl which is a special ingredient that works naturally with skin to create a younger looking skin.  Proteasyl is unique to Beaucience in South Africa and is created from the extraction and purification of the pea.  Not only do all products contain Proteasyl, they also contain many other well-researched superior ingredients.

Because there has been no animal testing on all Beaucience’s products, our team was even more encouraged to try these products for ourselves.

We found that Beaucience Mens Facial Wash with it’s luxurious soap-free formulation, is incredibly gentle on the skin, leaving it feeling soft and fresh.  With the Mens Facial Scrub being a pre-shave cleanser and exfoliating agent, our gentleman tester reported that he could feel that all dead skin had been removed leaving his skin soft and smooth.

The Ladies Toning Lotion, being a spray-on and completely alcohol free was so easy to apply.  It contains a natural blend of extracts such as witch hazel, chamomile, aloe vera and peach, which leaves skin feeling moisturised and soothed.

The ladies cleansing gel is a soap-free cleanser and proved to be really mild on the skin.  Because it also has added extracts, our ladies reported that their skin felt both moisturised and fresh after use.

They reported too that the moisturising day cream helped to protect their skin whilst out in the sun because it has an SPF of 15.  Non-greasy and readily absorbed, our ladies were thrilled that their skin felt soft and beautiful.

“I was getting really frustrated with my current skin care products. I’ll switch to these lovely Beaucience anti-ageing now – totally sold!”

All Beaucience products can be ordered from their website

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