How to choose your boudoir photographer

How to choose your boudoir photographer

So you have taken the plunge and you have decided you want to do a boudoir shoot. How exciting!?

Next up is to find your boudoir photographer.

If you are getting married you can ask your photographer if they do boudoir shoots, some photographers offer a wide range of photo-shoot options from family shoots to weddings to boudoir.

You can always go the internet route and search for a photographer through google or Facebook or use a website like Bridal Hub for their preferred suppliers.

Ask other photographers for referrals, the photography community is tight knit and we often know who specialises in what field.

Things to look out for or to ask the photographer:

  • Will there be any males present as an assistant or a photographer (if you are looking for a female it is important to mention this)
  • What preparation is needed before a shoot from you regarding outfits etc
  • Will the photographer be in control of how to pose you?
  • How much editing is done to the photos
  • Will the photographer be publishing your photos? Is there a contract in place ensuring that photos will not be published

Take note of the photographer’s style of photography, trust them to know how to pose you and how to deliver beautiful photos (you can bring one or two Pinterest ideas but overall trust your chosen photographer to do your photo-shoot).

If you are still uncertain of which photographer to choose arrange a meeting and see if you feel comfortable with that person, you need to completely trust the person who will see you without any clothes on.

And lastly, if you are still scared take a good friend with you. It will put you at ease and may just prompt some gorgeous and natural smiles like this one:

Don’t solely base your decision on cost, have a look at the end product. What can the photographer do for you?

Next month we look at what to wear to your boudoir photo-shoot!

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