How to pick a wedding cake

How to pick a wedding cake

Your wedding cake is the centrepiece of your wedding reception. These days there are a lot of cakes and styles to choose from, there are traditional cakes, naked cakes, rustic cakes, vintage cakes, modern cakes and even upside down cakes. With all these new cake technologies and options, choosing the perfect wedding cake can be a daunting task, but we can help you! Here follows 10 tips on how to pick the perfect wedding cake for your perfect day.

1. Venue style

What does your venue look like? Is it tuscan, rustic, natural or romantic? Choose a cake that will fit in with your venue and décor. If you are getting married at a place that is rustic and natural you may want to choose a naked cake or a cake with beautiful flowers, where as if your venue is more modern, you may want to choose a simple elegant cake with minimal details.

2. Weather

In what season are you getting married? Summer weddings have a lot of options when it comes to colours but remember the heat, and choose a cool spot or an air conditioning room in the dead of summer. Winter weddings have cooler colours and often use crystals and silver with white, autum is full of reds and oranges, with colours like marsala and deep purples while spring focuses  on blush pinks and golds, much like summer.

3. Details

Cake designers can draw inspiration from all sorts of things, be sure to bring your invites and some pictures of mock set ups of your tables or a picture of the venue if you have one. That way the designer can add special elements that are unique to your wedding cake.

4. Fresh or sugar flowers

Some cakes, like naked cakes, look amazing with fresh flowers, but you always run the risk of them wilting especially if the weather is very hot.  Sugar flowers are beautiful and won’t wilt or die, they do look amazing on cakes and would be a good option for summer weddings when it is really hot. When the weather is cooler, fresh flowers would be the way to go. Fresh flowers are also an option that is budget friendly for brides trying to save some money.

5. Display

When choosing a cake, think about the display. There are so many options and it really makes a cake stand out. Display your cake on an old suitcase or crate, a fancy cake stand or a table cloth with sequins, all of these things work together to make your cake even more extravagant. Please ask the coordinators to make sure that the table for display is stable and level. Make sure that the backdrop is suitable as no matter how beautiful the cake, if the backdrop is not pleasant to look at the cake will not show up nicely.

6. Cake tastings

It is important to taste your wedding cake, there are lots of bakeries and cake designers and all of them use different techniques and recipes, choose about 3 designers you like and arrange cake tastings, it will make who to choose a lot easier when you meet the designers and have tasted the cakes.

7. Timing

When to serve the cake is also important! You can serve it with the desert at the end of the night or directly after the ceremony when your guests snack while you are taking photos.  When you serve the cake at the end of the night, you can cater for less people because not everyone will eat cake after a big meal and most venues offer a variety of deserts too. Directly after the ceremony is a very good time to serve the cake when your guests have canapés and wait while you take your photo’s. They will enjoy beautiful and tasty cake and it saves on canapé catering, your guests will certainly eat the cake so make sure you have enough.

 8. Alternative cakes

Most people these days want something different, there are so many options, oreo cakes, brownie cakes, rice crispy cakes and cake pop cakes… Do some research and see what might work best for your wedding.

9. Don’t wait

So many brides wait till the last minute to order the wedding cake, and most cake designers have  bookings up to a year in advance. Be sure to book your place a few months in advance to ensure you get the baker you want.

10. Add a personal touch

You may want to add a personal touch to your wedding cake, maybe some special figurines or a personilised cake topper made from wood or perspex, a monogram, or your initials are also ways to add a special personal touch.

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