Why you need a boudoir photo shoot

Why you need a boudoir photo shoot

What is a boudoir photo shoot you ask? A boudoir (pronounced boo-dwa) photo shoot is a sensual photo shoot that highlights your gorgeous features. A good photographer will direct your posing to emphasise those gorgeous lips, big eyes and sexy derriere.

But why would you ever want a boudoir photo-shoot? 

It makes an excellent gift for your partner, whether given on your wedding day or as an engagement or anniversary present (especially if they least expect it).  Just imagine your partner’s face when he/she opens a beautifully crafted box, wrapped in ribbon, to find photos of you looking the best that you can look. Even better, get your photographer to capture the very moment he opens  his album and sees what he can look forward to later (let’s face it, men are generally more visual than woman).

If you don’t do a boudoir photo shoot for your significant other why not one for yourself do? Why not do a photo shoot that you can always look at and think “damn I look good”?

Sounds awesome right? Ok, so what is next? 

Find yourself an amazing photographer. Make sure you look through their work to see if you are happy with their editing style and type of photos. If you are curvy make sure to pick a photographer who can work with curvy clients, ask friends and family if they know if a photographer (or better yet if they have had photos done by one). Otherwise take to Facebook and the internet.

So you have found your photographer, what is next?

Go shopping!!!!! Do I need to say more? 

Understandably many woman are scared of posing in the nude for a complete stranger, luckily boudoir is not about nudity, it’s a celebration of the female form in whatever you decide to wear. There will be a later article about what to wear to a boudoir, you don’t always need lingerie for your shoot. You should feel totally comfortable with your chosen photographer, go have a coffee first and see if you gel or not. Don’t feel bad if you don’t click, your photographer will understand. If you are still nervous then take a friend with you. You can rely on her to keep you entertained and make you feel more at ease.

Worried about posing?

Don’t worry about posing, your boudoir photographer will know exactly how to pose you. They will know which angle will work best and when you should flutter your gorgeous eyelashes in their direction and when not to. Remember, we know that you are not a model and we make sure you look good on our cameras.

Shy? Don’t think this is for you? 

My favourite part about photographing a boudoir is how the bride to be walks away after a shoot. Each lady walks away feeling beautiful and absolutely glowing from inside. You gain so much more than just an album with photos, you gain self-confidence and see yourself through renewed eyes.

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