A Mom in a Million:

A Mom in a Million:

Sure it’s the bride’s day, but what is a princess that hasn’t been raised by a queen?

I absolutely adore my mom and I strive to be half the women she is. I would want her to shine as my example on the day that I get married.

I also have this habit of looking at people’s hands, and the ones that I have found to tell the most beautiful stories are the hands of ladies in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. I know I will probably rage against the fight of ageing but from my perspective right now there is just another dimension of beauty in ageing gracefully.

Picking an outfit for such an occasion can be quite daunting. You will want to look your best and also not be unpractical – tottering on heels and tugging on hems. Today I can probably imagine what menopause is like with the sun blazing mercilessly into my office and with that in mind, as much as fashion allows, here are some guidelines on picking the perfect 2016 Mother of the Bride outfit.

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