Your wedding day through the Photographer’s lens

Your wedding day through the Photographer’s lens

The perfect wedding day from a Photographer’s perspective always starts with the light, especially when it comes to your photographs. Here are a few tips on how to ensure you get the images you want

Time of day

All photographers are taught that the best time for photographs are early morning or late afternoon. It’s true no matter what time of year you are getting married. Always consult your Photographer. There is nothing worse than having harsh contrasted photos with washed out skies, especially if you chose a venue with breath taking scenic views. Late afternoon light will allow you to capture the beauty of your surroundings and provide you with stunning sunset hues.

The Chapel

Most Photographers aim to capture your wedding using as much natural light as possible. Keep this in mind when choosing the Chapel/Church. Try to go for a venue that offers you as much natural light as possible. The less flash your photographer needs to use, the more candid shots they can capture. Time of day and the direction of the sun is very important when you are having an outdoor ceremony. Squinting guests and bridal couples or big bright sunrays through trees are not the ideal setting for your romantic ceremony. Try to visit the site on the same time as your ceremony and at more or less the same to of year to ensure you get the best lighting.

The Backdrop

Always look at the entire picture. Keep in mind that the camera doesn’t have “selective viewing” like the human eye. If there is a huge building, concrete wall or factory around your venue, it will show in the pictures.

Getting ready

Make sure that the dressing rooms have ample light and that it is clutter free. Photoshop is a wonderful thing, but your Photographer cannot edit pool tables or cardboard boxes out of every picture. It will result in a lot more editing time and unnecessary expenses in having to pay for it. Ensure that your bridesmaids are fully dressed and tidy the room before you put on your dress to ensure that the focus stays on you and for elegant “getting dressed” photos. ☺

Getting the natural/ candid look

I have had many clients ask me to have natural/unposed photos, which is a very difficult thing to achieve unless you are a full-time professional model. Most “natural” photos are posed in such a way to look as if it happened per chance. Play along with what your photographer asks you to do. They usually have a clear idea of what they want to achieve and it is what you are paying them for – their artistic and technical abilities.


Pinterest is a great way of being inspired and getting new ideas. Your Photographer will definitely enjoy your input. It will also give them a good idea of the feel and style you want to create on your wedding. Please remember to keep the ideas and examples relevant to your venue, dress etc. Reflections in a big dam is gorgeous, but it is impossible for your Photographer to recreate this if there is no water features at your venue.

When it rains

Only You Can Let Bad Weather Ruin Your Wedding Day. If it does rain on your wedding day, make the most of it — throw on a pair of cute rain boots, grab a colourful umbrella and capture some fun shots outside. Most venues have beautiful undercover areas, if getting wet is not an option. Your Photographer will most probably arrange for a re-shoot at a later stage if you are unable to get any

photos on the day. The best is to take it in your stride it is after all believed to bring a lot of good luck!

Enjoy your day, be yourself and you will have a true reflection of your special day and memories to cherish forever.

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