Summer Wedding Menus

Summer Wedding Menus

At the end of a really hot day, after sharing your love with you in the church and sitting around waiting for the photographs to be taken, your guests are going to welcome a meal that is light and refreshing.  We all know that summer in South Africa can be extremely hot even well into the evening.

Keeps drinks cold, elegant and simple.  An innovative idea is to make your own ice-lollies.  Chop up a selection of citrus fruits and freeze them with ice either in an ice-cube tray or in ice-lolly moulds.  Guests will welcome the opportunity to cool down in a fun and enticing way.

Summer wedding menu1

A cold appetizer may be a very welcome change on a really hot day and a great idea to get the evening going.  For a classic cold appetizer, serve shrimp cocktail on a bed of ice. A more creative option might be caprese skewers, which include a combination of the ingredients in your typical caprese salad: tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil.

More than any other fruit, Watermelon has to be the best choice for any summer menu.  It’s such a versatile fruit and can be served used in a salad, balled and served with decorative toothpicks, or simply sliced and left for wedding guests to enjoy, it’s guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser!

Summer wedding menu3

You could start with antipasti salads.  Griddled baby courgettes drizzled with mint oil and crumbled feta, roasted sweet red and yellow peppers with parsley oil and tomato panzanella which is a gorgeous tomato and bread salad with tons of basil and red wine vinegar dressing!

Create a selection of platters for each table, for example, homemade pork and pancetta pies with a hidden quail’s egg, flattened herby chicken on a board, salmon with homemade hollandaise, ham hock terrine with pineapple salsa, and mason jars of layered salad. Keep your choice of food simple but fresh and delicious, and you’ll keep even the fussiest eaters happy.

Try good old fashioned favourites especially if you’re trying to think of a late night snack.  Serve bowls of hot chips, fresh sea salt and vinegar, with baskets of bread rolls and butter, bowls of tomato sauce, barbeque sauce and mayonnaise. Irresistible after 10pm!

Everyone loves a great barbeque rib!  Serve platters of ribs with a salad on the side and plenty fresh bread to soak up the sauce.  Make sure you have little finger bowls so that guests can keep their hands clean.

Then, we can’t forget dessert…

Rather than having a typical spread of cakes and squares, let your wedding guests choose their own toppings with an ice cream sundae buffet. Include every kind of topping, from rainbow sprinkles to chocolate sauce.  Your guests will love the chance to make their dessert their own.

Another simple yet surprising dessert is vanilla ice-cream drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkling of salt –  all you need to finish the meal with a flourish!

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