Stay focussed

Stay focussed

As a wedding planner, co-ordinator and venue owner, I often get in touch with brides feeling overwhelmed by all the aspects of planning their special day.  After all it is only the single most important day in your life, until you give birth to your first child, but that’s a topic for a hole other day and time.

My advice is always to stay focussed.  Stay focussed on the main purpose of the day, you’re getting married to the guy/girl you chose as your life partner, the person who loves and cherishes you every day, the person whom you’ll spend the rest of your days with, thus focus on him or her.

Focus on the things you like as a couple, for example you both love chocolate, so why not have a chocolate candy bar for your guests? Or your flat is decorated with lots of photos of friends and family, so why not use this element to create a unique seating plan.  Try to not let the small things, like what type of shoe to wear, or should we use long or round tables, get in the way and clutter your thoughts about why you are getting married in the first place.

The planning of your wedding is the first big event you need to plan together to reflect who you are as a couple, in other words combine elements and ideas you both like and cherish, you will have to compromise on some things but believe me in the end it will all be worth it, because it will be your wedding day, the day you’ll remember for the rest of your lives as the day your lives started together, side by side.

There will always be bumps in the road, things that will go wrong and things that could possibly ruin your day completely, but as long as you are focussed on your other half, anything can happen and you will still be completely in love and maybe even more so because of the things that didn’t work out.  Find someone you trust and believe in that person to sort out all the little things that might go wrong, and let it be.

I get to work with lots of different personalities, with different likes and dislikes, different themes and styles, and the one thing that always stands out to me are the couples that plan their weddings together, look each other in the eye when they speak and really listen to each other’s wishes.  In most cases these weddings turn out to be the best ones, the ones other potential guests actually refer to when they speak about previous weddings at our venue.

Stay focussed in all the decisions you have to make within the wedding process.  When you are distracted you will most probably lose yourself and a simple decision can become a huge deal and cause loads of unwanted emotions.  Once you’ve decided on a theme or a colour scheme, stick with it, don’t scroll down anymore, it will only confuse you.

My advice to all future brides and grooms are, find out what your partner’s wedding day looks like and try to bend your ideas around it, in order for your wedding day to be a reflection of your relationship.  Look each other in the eye, have respect for each other and everything will fall into place within a few months of planning.  The months leading up to your wedding day has the potential to bring you even closer to each other, use it wisely and spend it together.

I wish for you a miraculous wedding planning adventure with loads of laughter and fun filled days building up to the most incredible day of your lives.

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