If only somebody told me

If only somebody told me

My husband and I got married almost 8 years ago at a stunning little venue,  that just got started at the time as a family venture, very similar to Oak House venue which is currently the one thing in my life that takes up most of my time, as a venue co-ordinator and manager.

My mom and I went venue hunting, and discovered the venue which stole my heart immediately.  I told my mom this is exactly what I had in mind but I would love to first show my hubby to be if this is also the place where he wants our future together, to start.

We were told that we had to pay the venue deposit immediately in order to secure our preferred date.

I WISH someone told me that I did not have to be in a rush to secure anything for my big day, I felt pressured into paying the deposit where after it was a done deal, only years later after realising that there are so many options to consider did I feel bullied into making one of the most important decisions of a wedding in a few seconds.

Take your time, be certain of what you want your perfect day to look like, who you want to attend this intimate day and be present for your vows.  We often feel pressured in life to make hasty choices, in order to actually please other people’s needs and benefit their purses.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the wedding trends, colours and ideas, it’s formed by professionals who’s job and business it is to create a certain look in order for couples to have a themes to choose from.  Be true to yourself and keep all the elements, ideas, colours, textures, special moments in your planning and make all of it part of your wedding.

Remember it is YOUR wedding, no one else’s.  It is your prerogative to have the final decision on everything, even if your parents are paying for your wedding, just also keep in mind that family is more important than a silly fight over which overlay to go with.

After all the choices and decisions you will have to make during the planning of your wedding day, one of my best memories are, actually saying YES to my true love.  That moment, made all the difficult times, times I wanted to run away and elope, times I wished everything was over, worthwhile.

Don’t do everything alone, there are lots of people who love you and want to help and assist, ask for their help and opinions, and just maybe your wedding day will be something that you want to plan over and over again, just like me when I realised at my own wedding, that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, help make the process easier for other brides.

Happy planning, make sure to visit me at Oak House venue, in Cullinan if you ever feel overwhelmed and want to sit down for a cup of tea and advice.  Carien Davel

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