The classic bride VS 2016 bridal trends

The classic bride VS 2016 bridal trends

Slide1I remember the first wedding dress I ever drew, I was about 4, imagining the most beautiful princess in a white gown. I knew nothing of fashion or trends but Disney had taught me enough that it had to be BIG. with a crown. So my drawing came out looking like a true 90’s classic. Puffy sleeves, shiny satin and bows.

And now 20 odd years in the future I’m still drawing beautiful princess dresses, but the 2016 classic isn’t the same as the 90’s classic. So how do you pick a dress that you will one day look back on and think that it is still “au couran”? Something that your teenage daughter might wear.

Here are my four favourite current wedding trends.

Peach tones1

Who doesn’t love a blushing bride? If you want to  add a pop of colour to your wedding or if white is a bit too innocent for you then peach is the go-to colour this season. It is a lovely feminine colour and can appear naturally at a wedding without setting tongues wagging. Adding peach to your dress will add a playful element as if you are still young enough to play dress up. Adding another colour is perfect for when your dress is relying on dimensions to draw attention to certain areas of your body, instead of just another texture, another depth will be created. A fine white beaded chantilly lace, interlayered with a coarse peach romanian-point lace can add a lot of interest to your dress drawing the eye to your best features whether that be your tiny waist, your hourglass hip-to-waist ratio or your bust.

The bateau/boat neckline

This conservative style is very classy, The high neckline also lengthens the torso – easily creating a slim silhouette. This design is perfect for brides who aren’t chesty, the boat line at the collar bones draws the eye up and across a broader part of the body creating the illusion of an hourglass shape, This is also a very comfortable style to wear as the weight of the dress is supported at the shoulders. Because this style is striking all you need is great material, beading and embellishing might detract from the style if not done minimally.

The deep ’V’ neckline

A sweetheart neckline with a big sweet display. This style is for the fashionista’s, the ones who want their guests to know she reads Vogue. Your bust will be the main show in this dress, in fact it will be the only show. Although daring this style can be a classic – just remember to keep the rest of the dress simple. A deep ‘V’ is characterised by dipping below the nipple line and doesn’t necessarily have to go down below the diaphragm, This cut can be flattering for large and small busts provided there is enough support.  The best way of providing this support is incorporating a flesh coloured netting in the décolletage area, creating the effect of bare skin while eliminating the risk of nip-slips during the ceremony.


This bohemian style has no corset or shaping aids leaving you plenty of room to breath nice deep, bolstering breaths as you say your vows and go whirling around the dance floor. This style has beautiful movement and is perfect for the bride who wants to skip down the isle. The heavy, flowing, material used is very flattering and  will skim over your whole body. A small shiny belt is the only accessory you’ll need to draw the eye to the smallest part of your body whether that be an empire line or your waist line. It will be important to add features of interest by using a sheer or textured fabric or even by adding some three dimensional lace flowers.

8My opinion of classic is keeping things simple – the basic white dress and then adding one trendy element to that. Taking my 5 year old dress drawing as an example it was a white dress, yes, but I added shiny satin, ivory bows, big sleeves, and a big skirt. The dress would’ve still been current if I had only added one extra feature. Think Sex and the City’s Vivienne Westwood creation instead of Princess Diana’s explosion.

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