Bar & Wedding Services

Bar & Wedding Services

You’re now engaged and can’t wait to start planning the day you’ve always dreamt about.  Perhaps you have never thought about it, and now you have met the love of your life, you are embarking on this amazing journey together.  Now what?  Where do we start looking?  What is our budget?  There are many elements to putting any event together but it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Once you have your wedding planner, communications is key.  Tell them your story, who you are and where you come from.  With a greater understanding off you as an individual and couple they will deliver a personal service.  Trust their abilities to follow through and enjoy the planning process.

When you look for the venue, they may offer certain services that are included.  Try finding out what you may source yourself.  Many venues don’t have much wriggle room on the package they offer, which may restrict you on budget cutting.  Talk to the venue manager at length regarding what you may supply yourself and what they include. In general, you might find most venue all-inclusive packages work out to be more expensive than sourcing the services externally.  However, look around before settling on all-inclusive or venue only packages.  Venues can offer truly amazing offers and on the flip-side, sourcing your own services doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds.

Bar services can become very diverse in the offering.  You may have budget which allows for an open bar or perhaps you want to just run a cash bar, knowing how your friends could contribute to your credit card debt.  Should you want to run a cash bar, ensure the venue you are using has a liquor license.  If they don’t have a liquor license, budget for this extra expense and allow your bar services provider to sort this out for you.

Liquor is definitely something you would like to outsource than having a venue offer it in their package as most venues sell liquor at retail prices.  This affects both open bar and cash bar options.  Your bar services provider may offer cheaper retail pricing on cash bars as well as more affordable options on open bars, allowing you to pay near cost on all stock items.

Mobile Bar companies generally cover all elements to the bar services, which includes sleek bar counters, ice, glassware, bartenders and everything in between.  You may want cocktails on arrival, specific wines served from a favourite vineyard or full coffee service after dinner.  This is all possible.  No limits on your day!

With the venue and bar services sorted out you will then be looking at catering, photography, décor and a DJ.

Caterers will be able to offer menu options ranging from buffet to plated and canapés in between, while you are getting pictures taken to last a lifetime.  Menu options will have various pricing options so find what suits you and go with it.  Budget shouldn’t affect the quality of food so even with a simple 3-course buffet; you should still have quality with the right caterer.

Décor can be tailor made to fit in with your exact vision regarding colour scheme and elements needed.  The right décor house will have an unlimited selection so ensure your wedding planner works with a solid team of suppliers.   Décor is an area that can get pricey so check with the venue what they include in the venue hire, as this can save your budget at the end of the day.

Photographers and DJ’s have different styles so look through their portfolio or chat to your wedding planner to find out more about the Photographer and DJ they work with.  They will have various packages on hours needed, after hour rates, etc. so find out as much as you can up front.

Your wedding is exactly that…  YOUR day!  Enjoy the planning process and take the time to notice each other on the day.  Before you know it, the big day is done so focus on each other.  It’s a moment you want to hold close to your heart for the rest of your life.

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