Bachelorette Party Guide; The DO’S & DON’TS

Bachelorette Party Guide; The DO’S & DON’TS

All Bride’s Want to have the perfect Bachelorette Party/Bridal Party, and all Bridesmaids wants to host the perfect Bachelorette Party.  As a Bride you would love to give free reign to the Bridesmaids, thinking they should know you well enough to know your likes and dislikes, if you would like an over the top Party with Strippers, Party Buses etc… Or if you would like a more intimate Affair as a High Tea with your closest friends.

The Bridesmaids would like to make sure the Bride is happy, as well as keeping the guests happy and making sure the party is in everyone’s budgets. Ultimately they could enquire with Feminite Events to assist them in planning the ultimate Bachelorette Party whether it be a quiet low key High Tea or an Paint the town Pink Bridal Bash!!!



DO let the Bridesmaids know what you are keen on having, if you would like to go all out and what themes/entertainment you really like, and what you don’t like. Please remember to show your appreciation and advise them on what kind of party you would love.

DO an invite list of your friends and family that you would like at your party. Send all the necessary details to the Bridesmaids, including telephone numbers so they can send out invites in due time.

DON’T be the bridezilla that has control issues. Your bridesmaids would want at least some part of the party to be a surprise, so give them advise but don’t demand or you will have a very unhappy Bridal Party.

DON’T be a nag, The Bridesmaids will already be eager to impress you and make sure all if perfectly planned. They don’t need a nagging Bride asking about every detail or if you contacted this one and that one.


DO find out what the bride would like in terms of themes and style of Party, so that you have it all under control and have a happy bride at the end of her Bachelorette Party.

DO make sure to plan the event well before the time, to give yourself enough time for invites and rsvp’s, booking a venue, entertainment and getting all the ladies contributing enough time to save or pay the amount in time.

DON’T make the party about you, this is for the bride so respect her wishes on the type of Party she wants, and not what you would like. You would not want her to feel uncomfortable at her own Bridal Shower.

DON’T invite your friends that is not on her list, and don’t post pics before she has allowed to view the pics and given the go ahead for social media.


HIGH TEA FOR THOSE LOW KEY BUT ELEGANT BACHELORETTE PARTIES: Where everyone gets to dress up in their best outfits and take those elegant pics


For a More Outgoing, Fun Bachelorette Party, We have Venues to have dinner and drinks, then Sexy fun with our Burlesque Dancer and our Aphrodite Sassy Party, and to end this all

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