5 Things Every Best Man Should Know

5 Things Every Best Man Should Know

Whilst it’s a great honour to be chosen as the Groom’s best man, there are a couple of traditional expectations that the Best Man needs to fulfil – we’ve summarised them here in 5 easy-to-follow points :

Prepare the speech of your life

So while you’re running around and organising the stag party of all stag parties, remember that there are going to be so many more eyes on you on the ‘actual’ wedding day and what you say there will be remembered!  It could make or break your relationship with your Groom or even more horrifyingly… with the Bride!

A rule of thumb would be, ‘would I want my mother to hear this?”  And if the answer is yes, then you know you’re on the right path and your speech is going to be fantastic!

Make sure you know what’s planned for the day

When everyone is rushing around on the day trying to ensure that the day is special for these to most special people in your life, make very sure that you know what they have planned!  It will help too, if you have a back-up plan B, so that should things go wrong, you’ll be able to handle them swiftly and in such a way that the bride and groom don’t even know that you’re kicking like crazy under the water!

Be Creative

This applies more to your planning of the stag party than anything else on the day.  Think about what your Groom enjoys because, yes this is his time, even though it’s your time to shine as well!  In your creativity remember that everyone wants to walk down the aisle on two feet, with no crutches under arms and no tell-tale signs of a stag party gone wrong.

Be proud

Being the best man is probably going to be one the highest honours that your friend can bestow on you.  Remember that’s it’s a huge compliment and everyone will be looking to you on the day to figure out, why it was you that was chosen, and not someone else.

Show your pride in everything that you do on the day.  Remember the little things about the bride and groom that you know will touch their hearts.  Remember too that it’s about their parents as well and taking just that extra time to include them in your speech and your actions through the day, will  help in making this a most memorable day for the Bride and Groom as well as the guests.

Don’t forget the rings

Probably the biggest mistake you can make on the day, is forget to take the rings with you.  Double-check your pockets before you leave and then before you leave again, double checkl!

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