Why did I get married?

Why did I get married?

I consider myself to be a normal, middle class girl.  Wanting to do right by others and myself, following my dreams and goals to the best of my abilities, married my husband a few years ago spent great times together and have the most amazing boys one could ask for, and yet the thought popped up a while ago, why did I get married?

I was rather shocked by this thought, and immediately tried to delete the though in my mind.  Needless to say I opened a can of worms in my brain. Why do people get married?  Why do we pick a specific person, share our entire life with them, create memories with them and literally live and breathe together, with only THIS one person?

Well my answer is easy, because I love him like no other.  He is the one person I want to see every day after a tough day at work, he’s the one person I want to share the day’s gossip with over a glass of red wine.  He knows all my deepest darkest secrets and he’s ok with it.  I love my husband not for what he has, or what kind of work he does, not for his money, not even for his looks because all of this can be taken away in a split second.  I married my husband because he makes me feel secure, I know I’m loved when I’m with him and I know no matter what he has my back.

Our society is poisonous, we are made to believe that it matters how much money a guy makes, he will not be considered a life partner if this is not enough.  A guy with a beer belly is out of the question, what will my friends think?

Ladies and gents choose a life partner who gets you, who share in your dreams and has the same interests, someone who understand your heart’s desires and someone who you know in your heart will stick by you no matter what.  When you find this person, become a stage 5 clinger and marry him or her, because love like this is rare and incredibly special, and I’m certain will last for as long as you both shall live.

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